BAFA reports increases in interest since NFL game at Wembley
By BAFA Media and Marketing
Nov 27, 2023 - 6:27:10 PM

As a direct result of the recent Dolphins/Giants game at Wembley, the BAFA can confirm an increase in demand to play American Football throughout Great Britain.
Whole Sport Plan Manager, Ken Walters, reported at a recent BAFA Board of Directors meeting, "It has been less than a month since the Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium and many clubs have reported recruitment for next seasons squad is already complete - something that usually takes several months". Ken added, "Conservatively, the BAFA estimates the Dolphins/Giants game will contribute to a further 10% increase in participation here in Great Britain - although in some pockets of the country it has been reported the demand has been far greater. This is in addition to the minimum 12% increase in participation per annum in some areas of the sport".

Independent of the reports from clubs, a key indicator of interest has been - the official BAFA campaign to direct people wishing to participate to the clubs and organisations that deliver the American Football.

"We have seen a 20% increase in visits to the website during the month of October - and detailed analysis shows we have seen those people have spent more time looking at greater information”. Ken concluded, “It is good to see the BAFA initiative has been successful in helping people to get involved - it is proving to be an excellent investment by BAFA".

Speaking on the increase in demand, BAFA Chairman, Gary Marshall commented, "The BAFA was always mindful of the impact the game at Wembley would have on the National Governing Body - hence the recent developments we have reported”. Gary added, "Whilst we are delighted at the early reports from clubs throughout Great Britain, the challenge to equip and empower our personnel with the appropriate skills remains". Gary concluded, "The BAFA is hopeful that this recent increase in profile for the sport will attract partners that will help us deliver our Whole Sport Plan - something that will ultimately support the committed volunteers to deliver our targets".

The BAFA launched its Whole Sport Plan - a five year plan to develop the sport in Great Britain - on September 23rd, 2007 at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, during BritBowl XXI, the National Championships for the sport of American Football in Great Britain. A copy is available to download from the BAFA website - click here to find the story.

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