BAFA recovers BSAFA debt
By BAFA Media and Marketing
Jun 20, 2023 - 3:09:19 PM

The BAFA are delighted to confirm the recovery of debt from the officers of the former BAFA member association that represented university football - the British Student American Football Association (BSAFA).

The full payment was received (out of court) including BAFA's court costs. BSAFA officers consented to pay via an agreed Consent Order earlier this year.

The BAFA confirms that the management of university football in Great Britain remains with the BUAFL and its CEO, Andy Fuller. The BAFA categorically confirms there are no plans to to re-instate BSAFA as a member organisation of BAFA.

Further to this, as BSAFA was and is an unincorporated association, its officers are primarily reliable for any debts it incurs subject to a right of recovery from its members. Accordingly until all monies owed to participants in the sports by BSAFA are discharged those officers will not be capable of being registered as BAFA members in any capacity within the sport.

This applies to both current BSAFA officers and past officers where the indebtedness occurred during their tenure.

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