BAFA meets with the RFU
By BAFA Media and Marketing
May 16, 2023 - 2:00:35 PM

The BAFA are delighted to confirm that WSP Manager, Ken Walters, has undertaken a preliminary meeting with RFU Head of Planning, Funding and Resources, Nick Bunting, to discuss the possibility of establishing a mutually beneficial partnership between both organisations.

On the meeting, Ken commented, “The RFU are a world class NGB with a vast amount of knowledge that BAFA could benefit from – particularly in the development of our WSP. In addition, RFU facilities and other programmes are closest to that which our sport can find in Great Britain. It is clear that BAFA will benefit from a partnership with the RFU”. However, partnerships are a two-way-street. On this subject, Ken concluded, “In return, the BAFA will need to reflect on its own programmes and endeavour to support our ‘new found friend in sport’ wherever possible”.

Reflecting on the future ahead, Nick added, “The BAFA has very ambitious plans. They are obviously benefiting from the increase in presence in the British market the NFL are creating and seem very committed to maximising the opportunity that this presents. The RFU look forward to supporting this fledgling NGB wherever it can”.

To conclude, the BAFA would like to thank Nick Bunting for accepting his invitation to attend the BAFA Convention at the University of Leicester on Saturday, June 30 as ‘Guest of Honour’. Nick will join NFL Managing Director, Alistair Kirkwood and will be interviewed on topics by OJ Borg in the presence of the BAFA membership – material from which will hopefully be recorded for future publication on the soon to be launched “Get into American Football” website.

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