BAFA clubs to benefit from BingoLotto
By BAFA Media and Marketing
May 21, 2023 - 1:01:08 PM

BAFA has subscribed to the BingoLotto Buddy scheme - an initiative from BingoLotto that channels revenues from ticket sales directly to clubs.

In Sweden, BingoLotto has raised more than £900 million that went directly to individual sports clubs to fund uniforms, swimming pools, hockey arenas, buses for transporting teams and much more. A similar initative will do the same for sports clubs in the UK.

About BingoLotto...
BingoLotto is a live one-hour TV Game, hosted by Joe Pasquale and Suzanne Shaw.  Its unique format allows people who have purchased a BingoLotto Gamecard to watch and play a mix of bingo and lottery games live from their living rooms.  There are up to 100,000 prizes up for grabs every week (including cars, holidays, wide-screen TVs, cash jackpots and much, much more) and with 1 in 10 Gamecards a winner - the odds of winning are good!

BingoLotto will be returning to our screens in Autumn 2008 with a large, national grocery chain on board to ensure buying BingoLotto Gamecards will be much easier for the public for series two.

About the BingoLotto Buddy Programme
BAFA clubs can generate incomes (as much as 40p per ticket) directly for their own needs by joining the BingoLotto Buddy Programme.

By becoming a BingoLotto Buddy, BAFA clubs and their members, will be able to sell BingoLotto Gamecards direct to friends, family and the general public every week of the year from Saturday morning to noon on a Friday afternoon - and keep 20% of the money raised for their club.

To raise awareness for your individual fundraising campaigns or appeals, BingoLotto will, where possible assist with local PR and marketing to kick start the campaign and add legitimacy to the Buddy Programme so that members of the community are aware of what they are doing.

BingoLotto will also run attractive competitions incentivising clubs to sell that could also win them up to £10,000.

What will a BAFA club need to do?
BingoLotto Buddies will decide how many Gamecards they wish to receive every week from the start of series two in autumn 2008.

These weekly Gamecards can then be sold (£2 each) from 6am Saturday morning to Friday noon each week.

All UNSOLD Gamecards must be reported back to BingoLotto by Friday noon.  
All money received (less the 20% commission) from the sale of the Gamecards must be banked with BingoLotto the following week - it’s as easy as that!

BingoLotto want to make the BingoLotto Buddy Programme work for our clubs to maximise our fundraising potential and minimise the effort involved.

How to register for BingoLotto?

The deadline for registration with the BingoLotto Buddy Programme is Friday 27 June  2008.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the BingoLotto Buddy Programme can benefit your BAFA club and its members - or to register - please contact FIONA HORTOPP at BingoLotto on 07747 835 030 or simply send an email: and confirm you are a BAFA club wishing to register (this will then be verified by BAFA at a later date).

BAFA confirms that all BUAFL and BAFL clubs are entitled to register.

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