BAFA at the House of Commons
By BAFA Media and Marketing
Oct 25, 2023 - 10:10:18 PM

As only the third National Governing Body to present to the All Party Parliamentary Sports Group (APPSG) in almost three years, the BAFA were delighted and honoured to present to MP's and Peers at the House of Commons recently (October 24th).
The meeting, chaired by Lord Pendry, began with a presentation by NFL UK Managing Director, Alistair Kirkwood, who gave an overview of the NFL and the plans for British market in the coming weeks, months and years. This was followed by BAFA WSP Manager, Ken Walters, who gave a presentation about the background of the sport at grassroots level here in Great Britain - continuing with an overview of the recent developments and challenges for the national governing body.
The meeting concluded with probing questions by MP's and Peers from the floor and photo opportunity and TV interviews on College Green with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.
Also present at the meeting were BAFA Chairman, Gary Marshall, BAFA Finance Director, Glen Schild (also Chairman of BAFL, BAFL Flag and key player in the amalgamation of BYAFA and BAFL), interim BUAFL CEO, Andy Fuller, Matthew Joyce from the NFL and Richard Norman from the CCPR.
Commenting on the meeting Gary Marshall said, "We have achieved another great milestone in our brief history as a National Governing Body (NGB) by presenting to the All Party Parliamentary Sports Group. I listened with great interest at the questions from the floor and reflected on how well our volunteers have performed by the strength of our responses - something I must congratulate them for”. Gary continued “Our sport has come a long way in recent times and with the strong presence of the NFL in the British market coupled with such a committed and enthusiastic membership, there is undoubtedly a bright future ahead of us - it is a wonderful feeling to be part of the British sporting family after so many years of being on the fringe”. Gary concluded, “I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lord Pendry for this wonderful opportunity - and Ben Andersen-Tuffnell, Richard Norman and their colleagues from the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) for their tireless efforts in supporting for our fledging NGB”.
Courtesy:Sean Ryan
Lord Pendry joins the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and delegates from the meeting on College Green after the APPSG meeting.
Left to Right: Ken Walters (BAFA), Richard Tacon (CCPR), Ben Andersen-Tuffnell (CCPR), Lord Pendry, Gary Marshall (BAFA), Glen Schild (BAFA) join the Dolphin Cheerleaders in-front of Parliament and Big Ben.

The Miami Dolphins and New York Giants play each other on the 28th October at Wembley Stadium, the first competitive NFL game to be played outside the Americas. Photo courtesy: Sean Ryan.

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