BAFA at National Competitive School Sport Partners’ Forum
Dec 10, 2023 - 9:45:55 PM

The BAFA are delighted to confirm they will have representation at the inaugural meeting of the National Competitive School Sport Partners’ Forum on Tuesday, 11th December at Loughborough University.
The event will include an overview keynote by Youth Sport Trust Sport Director, Alison Oliver, and an opportunity to attend three workshops and a plenary.
During the day, it is hope to introduce the Forum will cover the following:

1.   An overview the PESSCL landscape

2.   Provide an update on a number of work areas, facilitate communication and allow invitees to question, challenge and understand

3.   Enable  School sports associations to bring their knowledge and experience of school sport to programmes and projects

4.   Make sure that in the YST mission to move into the 21st century, YST capture some of the learning, understanding and ‘values’ that organisations such as BAFA will be able to share

5.   Encourage, where possible, positive changes in practice.

The BAFA is delighted to be joining nearly fifty colleagues from School sports associations, other NGB’s and national partners.

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