BAFA's Statement on BAFL Withdrawal
Feb 9, 2024 - 11:44:41 PM

BAFA is both surprised and extremely disappointed that the BAFL have taken the step to withdraw from the National Governing Body (NGB) without prior discussion or notification, and without consulting their members, who form a majority of BAFA's members.

The withdrawal is particularly bewildering since the BAFL directors who represented the League at the BAFA Board meeting on Saturday 6th February made no mention of it. Indeed, one of the BAFL representatives agreed to take on a major role in the delivery of one of BAFA's services.

BAFL did not ask for any particular items to be added to the agenda prior to the meeting.

BAFA acknowledges its duty to its members, especially those who are also members of BAFL clubs. We recognise that there are issues about the standard of services provided, and that steps need to be taken urgently to address those.

BAFL have made some accusations about BAFA's performance. Many comments
have similarly been made about BAFL's performance, both in public forums and in private to BAFA. The sport does not however, benefit from a mutual exchange of mud.

We would urge all members of BAFL clubs to press their leaders to reverse their
threat of withdrawal at the earliest possible opportunity. If that cannot be
accomplished, rest assured that BAFA has contingency plans in place to provide an alternative structure for NGB-sponsored football in 2010 recognised by EFAF and IFAF.

Finally, BAFA thanks all the clubs and individuals who have expressed their
overwhelming support for it at this difficult time.

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