BAFA Convention
Feb 4, 2024 - 2:21:10 PM

The BAFA are delighted confirm that their inaugural BAFA Convention will be held at a midlands venue on June 30 to July 2. The Convention will kick-off with a presentation by BAFA Chairman, Gary Marshall, and will include an overview of WSP developments and the launch of ‘Get into American Football’ - the official BAFA campaign to recruit, train and retain players, coaches, referees, volunteers and fans.

Gary commented, "This is an exciting time for the sport in Great Britain - and our inaugural convention will be the first opportunity for all key stakeholders to meet without being in competition. It is hoped we will be able to cover an enormous amount of good work".

Thereafter, it is hoped the convention will include the following activity as a minimum:

  • BAFCA specific lectures and training courses
  • Training course for team judges
  • Training course for ‘Elite Programme’ officials
  • Raising awareness of ‘what officials do’
  • ‘Why youth is important’ presentation
  • Club structure and governance presentation
  • Child protection issues
  • ‘How to work with children’
  • Flag rules and overview of the game
  • Media and marketing workshop
  • Statisticians’ workshop
  • ‘100% me’ education on WADA policy
  • How to recruitment of volunteers
  • Fund-raisers and Fund-raising
  • Equipment fitting
  • How create, develop and manage local projects

More details will be available very soon.

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