BAFA Announce extension to deadline for questions on 2009-10 accounts
Dec 7, 2023 - 7:50:13 PM

The BAFA Community League teams met in Worcester on Saturday 6th November at Sixways Stadium for the end of season reports.

At the meeting, Directors of the BAFA Board were on hand to listen to the feedback and answer questions. During the meeting BAFA Vice Chair Charles Macnamara made a presentation which included details on how to receive a copy of the BAFA 2009-10 accounts.

The Board of Directors have agreed to extend the deadline for requesting the accounts in order to submit a question or questions to be considered in the BAFA Finance FAQs .

The deadline for the receipt of questions will be Midday on Monday 15th December 2010. The response will be published later that week.

Copies of the accounts can be obtained by emailing andy.fuller[at]

Please entitle your email 'BAFA Accounts'.

If there are email issues then please call 07971 497792

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